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Lebanese Actress Cynthia Samuel Best Beauty Looks

Our Weekend Plans? Perfecting These Jaw-Dropping Cynthia Samuel Beauty Looks

Lebanese Actress Cynthia Samuel Best Beauty Looks

We're just going to say it; we have a bit of a girl crush on Lebanese actress Cynthia Samuel. With blockbuster films to her name, a massive social following of over 950K, and the best, most flawless skin we've ever seen, we think our girl crush is more than justified.

When it comes to beauty, the former Miss Lebanon winner does not disappoint. Be it neon, nude, and bold red hues, the Beirut City star not only pulls it off, she owns it. So much so, that we will be spending our entire weekend trying to perfect several of her beauty looks.

Why not join us? Film yourself replicating one of the looks below. The best one will be featured on our IGTV channel. Just be sure to tag us, @Popsugarme, in your video, when you do.

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