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Most Common Beginner Beauty Mistakes

New to the Beauty World? Allow These True Stories to be a Guide on What Not to Do

When it comes to beauty, it's safe to say that it's very much an experimental process. Sometimes you win and sometimes, you end up looking a bit "surprised".

If you're looking to switch up your look but are unsure of how, allow these real-life tips to provide some insight into what not to do.

Eyebrows – The Surprised Edition

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"When I was 13 or 14 years old, I really wanted to shape my eyebrows, but I wasn't allowed to because my last beauty experiment, left me without facial hair for a few months. During a trip to my aunt's house, I found myself looking for a tool to help me tame my then very prominent unibrow. After a quick tour of her bathroom, I found a shaver. Not just any shaver, an old school one that featured a thick razor. In my excitement, I ran the razor right down the center of my face and, long story short, I looked permanently surprised for about two months." – Manushka Schoen, 36
Lesson (s) Learned: Listen to your grandma, don't use a massive razor to shave your brows, and if you're new to the world of threading and brow care, let the experts help.

Bleached Hair – The Involuntary Chop


"When it comes to beauty, my hair is my vice. I've been almost every hair color under the sun and have had almost every hair style, too. But after my last experiment, this isn't so much the case anymore. I bleached my hair far too soon after my last hair dye and I kid you not, chunks of my hair fell out. Before eventually chopping my waist-length hair into a sleek bob, I tried everything imaginable, which included but was not limited to; an infinite amount of YouTube tutorials, hair products, and prayer." – Roxanne Wolmarans, 28
Lesson (s) Learned: Sometimes less is more and always allow your hair to heal before dying it.

Concealer – The Panda Effect


"When I was about 23 or 24, I bought a very expensive concealer without knowing that I had to buy a shade that was slightly lighter than my skin tone. I needed it for a wedding and, to be honest, it looked decent in person but when the images were shared, I looked like a panda in almost every single photo." – Reshmi Raveendran, 28
Lesson (s) Learned: Always opt for a lighter shade of concealer, especially for the areas around your eyes.

Acne Control – The Scar Is Born


"I remember being 14 and having what seemed to the worst zit of my life. Instead of waiting for it to go away on its own or popping it (which most people do but, isn't recommended), I decided to try an experiment that I read in a magazine. For my mission, I needed a cotton bud and warm water. It was relatively simple; soak the Q-tip in warm water and apply it to the spot on my visage. All would have probably gone well if I hadn't used scorching hot water and applied it multiple times. While the spot did appear smaller, I was left with another issue; a cute little scar right under my eye, just a few centimeters away from my nose. Nice." – Tanveer Ifteqar, 28
Lesson (s) Learned: Always check the water temperature and patience is a virtue.

Product Research and Expiration Dates – The Allergic Reaction


"Ever wondered how much expiration dates matter when it comes to beauty? It matters, a lot. When I was 19, I used an expired sunscreen (I didn't know it at the time) and within in minutes my face started to flare up and tiny little spots begun making their ever so graceful appearance. A few minutes later, the flare turned to swelling and a few minutes later – I had found myself in the midst of an allergic reaction. That's right, I was allergic to a few ingredients present in sunscreen. After receiving the needed medical care, I was left with acne scarring, which I'm still recovering from. Since the incident, I've found that I prefer skincare over makeup and that my skin is more suited to natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, rose water, aloe vera, witch-hazel, and lavender." – Elle Triños, 22
Lesson (s) Learned: Do your homework before testing new products and sometimes, less really is more.

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