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Summer Trends | White Pearl Headband Hairstyle Inspiration

If You're Going to Try 1 Hair Accessory Trend This Year, Make it the White Headband

Summer Trends | White Pearl Headband Hairstyle Inspiration

I would like to personally thank whoever brought headbands back in style. The hair accessory is the ultimate time-saving beauty hack. Bad hair day? Put on a headband. Need to look extra polished for a meeting? Headband. Tired of your hair getting in your face? You get the idea.

Of all of the headband trends out there — and there are a lot — white headbands and pearl headbands are the easiest to style. Pearl headbands may have been reserved for wedding hairstyles before, but current trends have helped them make their way into everyday street style. Pearl-embellished and white headbands show up nicely on all hair colors and match with virtually any outfit you could dream up, making them a staple in any accessory collection.

The real beauty of wearing a headband is that it replaces the need to style your hair at all, but if you do want to go the extra mile, it works with any and all hairstyles. Ponytails instantly look intentional, messy buns are more polished, and second-, third-, or fourth-day blowouts look like you just left the salon.

Just in case you had any doubts how chic a simple white headband or glam pearl headband can be, we rounded up hairstyle ideas that would have even Blair Waldorf feeling inspired.

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