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Why Is It So Important to Hydrate Your Skin?

We All Know That Hydration Is Important For Maintaining Healthy Skin – But, Here’s Why

Why Is It So Important to Hydrate Your Skin?
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When it comes to skincare, a few key lessons are installed in all of us at an early age. These include; hydration is important, sunscreen is critical, and a good night's sleep can work wonders for your body, mind, and skin.

Curious to find out why hydration is so vital in maintaining, and in some cases, achieving healthy skin, we spoke to Dr. Rutsnei Schmitz, the specialist dermatologist at Medcare Women and Children Hospital.

"Hydration is incredibly important for your skin for many different, the most important being protection. Having a well-hydrated skin acts as a defense against viruses, fungus, and bacteria," explains Dr. Schmitz.

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