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Amal Clooney Vanderbuilt University Speech

Amal Clooney Just Addressed Some of the World’s Biggest Issues in 2 minutes, and SLAY!

Amal Clooney's speech during the 2018 Senior Day at Vanderbilt University reminded us why she's in another league.

Clooney was awarded Vanderbilt University's prestigious Nichols-Chancellor Medal, given to those who hold the best qualities of the human spirit. In her two-minute speech, she touched on every subject that matters – and drove her point home.

She talked about how "courage is contagious." Making her point that those with courage inspire others, thereby creating rights and opportunities for future generations.

Amal spoke about female empowerment and how more courage is needed for everything. It's needed for women around the world who face physical abuse, have restrictions on their ability to work, own land, and even have custody over their children.

She added that it's needed in the LGBT community where members face imprisonment and even death. It's needed to fight for free speech using as an example, the fact that there are now more journalists in prison than there has been in three decades.

The 40-year-old also mentioned how the US government is attacking its own media. She shared how courage is needed to fight politicians that are easily likening the term "refugee" with "terrorist" to make us hate each other.

"We need young people with the courage to say, this is our world now, and there are going to be some changes," she concluded.


A champion of human rights, Clooney is an advisor to government on international law, works with the United Nations, and is a visiting professor at Columbia Law School.

We love her because she's smart, and an outspoken defender of human rights. The fact that she also happens to be incredibly stylish? Kind of makes us want be her – and not just because her husband is George Clooney.

Image Source: YouTube user AssociatedPress
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