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Ariana Grande In My Head Music Video

Ariana Grande Just Dropped A New Music Video, and We're Obsessed To Say The Least

We're trying to keep our cool but... Ariana Grande has just released a NEW music video.

Before we stall any longer, take a look at the music video for yourself, so you can be just as excited as us:

We don't know about you, but we absolutely love seeing the pop princess shoulder pop and whip her hair along to '"In My Head". The track forms part of her album Thank U, Next, an album that is still very much a regular in our playlist since it's release this past February. If you haven't heard the song (what are you even doing?), it talks about the paranoia that comes with loving someone who you think is perfect, only to find that they are not.

In the music video, Ariana can be seen stomping in her thigh high boots (we want a pair) and posing the house down in a room all to herself. P.S. Our favorite part, hands down, had to be when three ponytails started flying - talk about giving the term "wig" a whole new meaning.

The pop sensation dropped the music video as part of her August cover for Vogue US. Aside from gracing us with a music video (we'll be practicing all those moves in our living room this weekend), Ariana also got deep about a few key elements in her life. Below are a few of our favorites:


Happy Ariana Grande GIF by T-Mobile - Find & Share on GIPHY


The first time she ever went to Coachella was to see her ex-boyfriend, the late Mac Miller (born Malcolm McCormick), perform, which is why headlining the music festival this year was one of the most emotional and empowering experiences in her life.

Small Screen:

Ariana Grande Fox GIF by ScreamQueens - Find & Share on GIPHY


The Grammy winner revealed that she will be starring in Ryan Murphy's Netflix adaptation of the broadway musical The Prom. We're super excited to see the 25-year-old back on the small screen - she absolutely killed it as Chanel #2 on Fox's hit-series Scream Queens and who could forget all of her years portraying Kat Valentine in Nickelodeon's smash-hit Victorious? Girl's got mad acting skills.



Judy Garland is one of her biggest idols, with Grande revealing that as a child she would stand in front of her TV and mimic the late actress's body movements. Say it with us "awwww".

Of course we couldn't end this piece without showing you her cover, which features the stunner's natural hair and her fur baby, Toulouse.

What do you think about the music video for "In My Head"? Tweet us @PopSugarME, letting us know.

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