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Ava DuVernay Directing The New Gods For DC Comics

Fresh Off A Wrinkle in Time, Ava DuVernay Will Take on The New Gods For DC Comics

US director Ava Duvernay poses during the European premiere of A Wrinkle in Time in London on March 13, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / Anthony HARVEY        (Photo credit should read ANTHONY HARVEY/AFP/Getty Images)

It seems Ava DuVernay has really hit her creative stride with high fantasy! The brilliant director has been tapped to helm DC's The New Gods, a comic book series written by Jack Kirby — he co-created such iconic characters as Captain America and The X-Men — in the early 1970s. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The New Gods "sees a war between two alien planets. [They] arrive on Earth when the ruler of the dystopian Apokolips, Darkseid, discovers that humanity holds the key to the Anti-Life Equation, which allows its user to control all living beings in existence." The comics expertly mix in social commentary, mythology, and science fiction as well. Does this mean she'll cross paths with Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins?! We sure hope so.

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