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Backstreet Boys “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” Video

Backstreet Boys' “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” Video Is All Too Familiar but You'll Love It

By now everyone must know my undying devotion and everlasting love for the Backstreet Boys. Seeing them at their Dubai concert at the end of April was everything. So, with a new song out, you know Imma buy it on iTunes before I even hear it.

"Don't Go Breaking My Heart," the song and video, feels very familiar though. The melody is current, think Zayn, but the lyrics and dance moves feel very '90s. For some it might not hit the mark, but if you hear it enough times, it's catchy.

I already said I'm a diehard fan, which means they can do no wrong in my book. So, I'll take the outdated dance moves because their voices are that good and their harmony is still up there. The only thing I would've asked for is for a solo on the track by my one true love (and the best vocal in the group in my expert opinion) Brian Littrell, although he did get to sing the last line in the song.

Play it a couple of times on repeat and you'll be reminded of why you loved the '90s so much.

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