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Best Songs of 1999

I Can't Handle That These Songs Will Be 20 Years Old in 2019

Best Songs of 1999

We've had quite a few bops over the past few years, but nothing quite compares to '90s music. The decade blessed the masses with jams that made people fall in love, bust a move, and scratch our heads. For some reason, the 1990s still don't feel all that long ago. Maybe it's because I choose to be in denial about getting older, maybe time has simply flown — maybe, it's all of the above.

Regardless, the music during that era has maintained such prominence even now. You know good and well that Christina Aguilera's "Genie in a Bottle" still slaps, "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys is a bonafide classic, and when Juvenile's "Back That A** Up" comes on in the club, we're sprinting to the dance floor. So let's dance down memory lane, and look back at the musical masterpieces that are turning 20 next year.

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