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Celebrities Talking About Anxiety

11 Powerful Celebrity Quotes About Dealing With Anxiety

Celebrities Talking About Anxiety
Image Source: Getty / Kristy Sparow

Mental health can be a tricky beast, especially in the glow of the Hollywood spotlight. Standards in the entertainment industry enforce a need to embody perfection, a desire to hide all the chinks in one's armor. But celebrities are humans, and they struggle too. Recently, a handful of stars have broken this long-standing Tinseltown barrier and opened up about the issues they face behind closed doors. Kristen Bell opened up about anxiety and depression, and Colton Haynes revealed the panic behind his sexuality. Even Zac Efron touched on the serious downsides of being famous. When you really boil it down, the willingness of celebrities to get real has the power to breed more comfort, inspiration, and love in the rest of us.

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