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Chloe Kim Snowboarding Hair Interview

16-Year-Old Snowboarding Prodigy Shows Off Her Personality With Gorgeously Vibrant Hair

For 16-year-old Chloe Kim, snowboarding was always a passion. The Mammoth, California native always felt tied to the slopes, and she's dominated the field as a woman and a teenager: she was the first athlete to win two X Game gold medals before the age of 16, and the first woman to pull off back to back 1080s. Needless to say, her star is rising, and while she was too young to compete in Sochi's 2014 Olympics, she's certainly a shoe-in for South Korea in 2018 — an exciting opportunity for her, as she's Korean-American.
Chloe is changing the face of snowboarding most certainly due to her young age, but also with her personality-driven aesthetic. Her hair is never the same color for long, as she loves going to the salon and testing out vibrant blues, fuchsias, violets and more.
"I feel like a lot of people feel like snowboarding is really tomboyish. That is not true!" said Chloe. "A lot of my friends love fashion... me and my snowboarding girlfriends go shopping when we can," said Chloe.
Recently, Chloe was named the first-ever North American ambassador for Korean cosmetics brand Laneige.

Check out the full interview to learn more about Chloe, and let us know your favorite part of the interview in the comments section below.

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