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Chris Pratt Looking at His Watch on the Red Carpet | Picture

Here's the Ridiculously Cute Thing About Chris Pratt You Probably Never Noticed

At the Oscars, February 2015 . . .
Image Source: Getty / Jeff Vespa

It's time to call attention to Chris Pratt's go-to move on the red carpet. Over the past couple years, he's made more than a few memorable red carpet appearances, and I've noticed a bit of a pattern. Time and time again (pun intended), Chris checks his watch while posing for pictures. This raises a few questions: Is he just really curious about the time? Hoping to show off his awesome watches? Not quite sure what to do with his hands? In any case, the whole thing is pret-ty cute, adding to the many reasons he's so lovable. Keep reading to see Chris's many time-checking moments on the red carpet, then look back at the times his charm was almost too much to handle this year.

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