Chrissy Teigen Can't Stop Comparing John Legend to Arthur the Aardvark, and I'm Cackling

25/06/2018 - 09:49 AM

And I say, hey, what a wonderful kind of day. . .when Chrissy Teigen decides to troll her husband, John Legend [1], with an Arthur the Aardvark comparison. If the internet was a competition (and isn't it, really?), Chrissy would be well in the lead with the way she teases John.

After a meme comparing John to the children's character rose in popularity last year, it became clear that the 39-year-old singer didn't love the constant reminders [2]. So, what did Chrissy do? Well, she upped her Arthur meme game, of course! Whether she's giving Luna her childhood Arthur toy [3] or laughing when John "accidentally" matches the cartoon character [4], she makes the most of every opportunity to troll her husband. It's gone so far that he's even changed his Twitter bio to read "No relation to Arthur." Sorry, John, but it'll probably take more than that to get Chrissy to let up. I think she missed the "let's get along with each other" part of the theme song, and I'm too busy laughing to remind her.

At the peak of the comparison's popularity, Chrissy hilariously joined in on the meme.

In April, Chrissy poked fun at John in a Google Duo commercial.

Then Chrissy hilariously trolled John again, this time with Luna's help.

She added in a comment that this doll is actually her own from childhood and maybe she's "been attracted to Arthur her whole life" and found her human version in John. He had a single-word response: "Wow."

Finally, she gave followers a glimpse of a true Arthur/John Legend cross-over in June.

Chrissy shared this illustration with the lyrics from the children's show's theme song. John Mayer [5] even joined in on the trolling, commenting, "Find someone who looks at you like Chrissy Teigen looks at ways to take the legs out from under John Legend [6]."

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