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Ed Sheeran Hit Justin Bieber With a Golf Club

Ed Sheeran "Got Hammered" and Hit Justin Bieber in the Face With a Golf Club, LOL

No matter how you feel about Justin Bieber, you'll get a kick out of this. Ed Sheeran recently gave an interview to The Guardian and revealed that he once "smashed" the "Sorry" singer in the face with a golf club — accidentally, of course. "We were in Japan," Ed explained. "We'd been out to a dive bar. He just drank water and I got hammered. Then we went to a golf course, and he lay on the floor and put a golf ball in his mouth and told me to hit it out of his mouth."

Not to victim-blame, but why would you ask a drunk person to hit a golf ball out of your mouth? Seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

Ed, who wrote both "Love Yourself" and "Cold Water" for Justin, went on: "I was like, 'F*ck, I need to aim this properly,' and I swung. And you know in films when someone gets punched, and you hear that fake sound, like a slap? But in real life when someone gets punched, you hear that dull thud, a bit sickening? I heard a sound like the last one, and saw his security guard looking at me like [horrified expression]." He ended the story with, "I'd cracked Justin Bieber right in the cheek with a golf club. That was . . . one of those 'What the f*ck?' moments."

Not to be nosy, but we'd like video footage of this incident, please.

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