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Egyptian TV Star Ramez Galal Pranks Antonio Banderas

This Egyptian TV Star Pranks Antonio Banderas in the Most Horrific Way

Last year he made Paris Hilton believe her plane was about to crash, and now Ramez Galal has shaken up another celebrity's world. This time, the host of his own prank show - which takes place annually during Ramadan - found a victim in actor Antonio Banderas.

For the new season, titled Ramez Plays With Fire, the presenter made him think he was involved in an inferno while at a fake festival in Morocco. However, by the looks of this clip on MBC, everyone is seriously shaken up. The international movie star looks horrified as things explode around him, but manages to film a promo clip for the show after the scary events. Not all fans saw the funny side though.

Some tweeted that Ramez had taken his jokes way too far, and shouldn't make light of situations where people's lives are devastated by fire. Even a member of Egyptian Parliament has reportedly asked for the show to go off air during the Holy Month.

In 2015, global media outlets reported that socialite-turned-DJ, Paris, was suing the host after her experience. However, it later emerged that her people knew she was in safe hands. Actor Steven Seagal is said to be next star to appear on the show but he may not be such a good sport!

Check out Twitter's reaction to Ramez's latest antics. The good, bad, and ugly.

Image Source: YouTube user East Gate
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