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Foods Chrissy Teigen Will Not Eat

These Are the 2 Foods Chrissy Teigen Will Never Eat

In addition to being a world-famous supermodel, Chrissy Teigen has also made a name for herself off the runway...and in the kitchen.

The author of a cookbook, Cravings: Recipes For All The Food You Want to Eat, Chrissy's recipes have become popular among foodies and amateur chefs alike. While the dishes in her book span cuisines and include a wide range of ingredients, the model-turned-chef recently revealed to Refinery29 the two items she will never matter what.

"There are flavors that I don't love," Teigen told Refinery29. "I don't love capers. I don't love fennel. Aside from that, that's kind of it. I'm not a big innards person, like even if it's fried and delicious. I'm not doing liver or bone marrow. I don't need to pretend that I have taste."

In addition to her very minor food limitations, Teigen also hates rosé. "I don't like [rosé]," she told Refinery29. "I like the taste of it, but I don't feel great [after I drink it]. I've never been good with Champagne, rosé, or brown alcohol."

Now we know the few items we won't find in Chrissy's extensive cookbook!

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