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How Much Water Are You Using Brushing Your Teeth?

Michael Phelps Is Urging Us to Turn Off Our Taps and These Shocking Figures Will Make You Do It Instantly

He practically lives in the stuff so we already know that when it comes to water, there's no one who loves it better than Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps. But even he is asking us to be careful when it comes to our water usage around the house, especially in the bathroom.

The sportsman appears in a campaign with Colgate that aims to teach 100 million adults and 10 million children around the globe that you can save about 15 liters every time you brush your teeth simply but no letting the tap run. That's 30 liters wasted a day!

They've launched a #TurnOffTheTap campaign throughout the GCC, asking social media users to show their support via Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag.

After hearing those shocking figures, we're certainly in!

Image Source: Colgate
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