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Inspiring Toni Morrison Quotes

15 Toni Morrison Quotes About Life, Love, and the Importance of Empowering Others

Toni Morrison's Quotes About Race

On Aug. 5, the world said goodbye to prolific writer Toni Morrison, who died at the age of 88 due to complications of pneumonia. As people mourned the loss of a bright soul, they also acknowledged the long-lasting legacy she left behind. "While you have left the physical realm, the many treasures you left us will bear fruit for generations and generations," Tracee Ellis Ross wrote in her tribute. "Your work has cascaded through my life deeply and simply . . . rest in power to a beloved icon."

Toni often used her literary dexterity to explore the complexities of the black experience in America. Throughout her life, she earned many revered awards, including the Pulitzer Prize in 1988 for her novel Beloved, which centers on a former slave who is haunted by her deceased daughter. She also won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1993, making her the first black woman to ever win the honor. Nearly two decades later, former President Barack Obama honored her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Toni's words have undoubtedly inspired many over the past few decades. Whether she was talking about love or race, she managed to teach the world valuable lessons with flair and beautiful prose. In celebration of Toni's lifelong dedication to encouraging others through her craft, check out some of her most galvanizing quotes ahead!

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