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Instagram Introduces 'Save' Feature

Is Instagram About to Become the New Pinterest?

The world freaked out recently when they announced a Stories feature to rival Snapchat. Now it looks like Instagram could soon eliminate the need for Pinterest too. The social media platform has introduced a 'save' feature which allows people to collect images they like in a fashion that you could say resembles a vision board. So whether its a pair of sandals you're desperate to get your hands on, an exotic travel destination you want to show your friends or food to inspire your next restaurant visit, your screengrabs folder on your phone is about to get freed up a bunch!

Just like Pinterest you can keep the "boards" completely private if you so wish and you can access your saved images under a separate tab (found by clicking the bookmark icon) once you update the app.

Oh Instagram! We wonder what they'll come up with next...

Image Source: Instagram
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