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Jamie Dornan Talking About Fabio With Jimmy Kimmel 2017

You'll Never Believe Who Scared Jamie Dornan Out of LA Back in the Day

You might know Jamie Dornan now as the sexy leading man of Fifty Shades Darker, but once upon a time he was just an up-and-coming actor struggling to make it in LA. He sat down for a chat with Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night to discuss his pre-fame life, specifically when he attempted to join a gym in the city about 12 years ago. "I signed up and I went in to train, and the first person I saw when I went up was your man Fabio," he laughed. "He was there with all of his hair and all that, wearing a very loose-fitting tank-top. He was doing pull-ups, and had a crowd around him." The experience was intimidating enough that Jamie thought, "maybe LA's not for me." Fortunately he overcame his gym-anxiety, and now he's a superstar actor getting seduced by office supplies. Life is funny that way.

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