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Jimmy Kimmel Segment on The Pope and Donald Trump

FYI, The Pope Didn't Really Slap Donald Trump's Hand Away (Unfortunately)

After photos from President Trump's visit to the Vatican began circulating, there almost wasn't any need for comedians to make light of the situation. Pope Francis looked severely unhappy with the entire situation, and they say that a picture's worth a thousand words . . . but who cares about word count when the jokes basically write themselves? Naturally, noted Trump critic and late night funnyman Jimmy Kimmel had a field day in his segment about the president's papal audience.

The late-night host highlighted the difference in Pope Francis's demeanor when he's with other world leaders compared with his sullen face standing beside Trump. Perhaps the most hilarious part of the short bit, however, was when Kimmel referenced two instances during the president's trip when First Lady Melania appeared to avoid holding his hand. Kimmel used that moment to air a fake video of the pope swatting away Trump's hand. The clip was so convincing that several viewers thought it was real!

Kimmel isn't the only one to take advantage of the comedic gold mine that resulted from Trump's Vatican trip; Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers each set aside time on their respective late-night shows to roast the president. Who can blame them, right? Give the full segment a watch above!

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