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Justin Bieber's Most "Liked" Instagram Photo

The New Most "Liked" Instagram Photo Will Hit You Right in the Feels

Justin Bieber has officially broken Kendall Jenner's record for the most "liked" Instagram picture with his own nostalgia-laden photo of him and ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez kissing. Being the modern casanova that he is, he simply captioned the photo with, "Feels."

Kendall's previous record-making, romantic hair shot currently has 3.5 million "likes," while Justin's throwback shot of him and Selena kissing — posted six weeks ago — has just reached 3.6 million "likes" and crushes Kendall's 166,000 comments with a whopping one million comments.

Funny enough, Selena was recently crowned the 'grammer with the most followers — 77.8 million and counting — making the perennial "are they or aren't they?" couple even more suited for each other, right? Just throwing it out there.

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