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Kanye West's Search History Shows Muslim Activist Sarsour

Kanye West's Search History Showed a Muslim Activist and Here's How She (and the Twittersphere) Responded

In the last few weeks, everyone has been talking about Kanye West's random Tweets, including one where he claimed, "we are programmed to always talk and fight race issues. We need to update our conversation." Expectedly, he got shade and some thought it was propaganda for his album.

On Monday, he Tweeted a picture of his search history bar, and it included a bunch of names, including Muslim Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour.

One of the other names on the screenshot image was Carmen Perez, the National Co-Chair of the Women's March on Washington. She just happened to work with Sarsour when they joined forces to rally hundreds of thousands of demonstrators against US. President Donald Trump's administration.

But then there was also Tomi Lahren, a known Islamophobe, who once famously referred to refugees as 'rapefugees' in an interview with The Blaze this past February.

Is he trying to learn about Islam, politics…and refugees? No one seems to know exactly what he's trying to do, but it seems the common theme is outspoken women, with background in politics, whether they're analysts or activists, etc.

His image didn't have a caption but some were compelled to speak on the matter. Sarsour posted a snapshot of his Tweet and said on her Instagram page, @lsarsour: "I was not sure what to think about this but I am ready to have a conversation with Kanye. Let's hope he is reading, researching and learning other perspectives."

Carmen Perez also re-Tweeted his and talked about she was ready to talk when he "was ready to hear."

The Tweet got mixed reactions too.

One thing that's clear, is that no one knows what Kanye West is going on about. But then Kanye wouldn't be Kanye if we did, right?

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