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Katy Perry Pranks Orlando Bloom on BBC Radio 1

Katy Perry Pranks Orlando Bloom, And It's So Good That She Even Got Us Fooled

Orlando Bloom got pranked by fiancé Katy Perry during a celebrity impressions game on BBC Radio 1. While on-air, presenter Nick Grimshaw suggested that Bloom be the judge of a fun game of impressions by Radio 1 listeners. A few callers tried doing impressions of Tom Hardy as Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, and celebrated British history documentary narrator David Attenborough, but when caller "Gemma" did an impression of Perry, Bloom wasn't convinced.

The first impression of Tom Hardy as Bane got Bloom cracking up, then giving feedback to the listener, Scott, that it was "interesting", "a very bold attempt", but suggested "going down a couple of octaves." For the second, caller James attempted a David Attenborough impression. "Wow! I'm impressed" exclaimed Bloom, "James, that was good." But then, Gemma from Hertfordshire called in to have a go at a Katy Perry impression by singing part of the chorus from Perry's "I Kissed A Girl". Unconvinced, Bloom immediately cringed. Diplomatic as ever, he commented, "Gemma that was great, really well done. Not convinced. But, hard for me because I do live with that voice." having no idea it was actually Perry pranking him. The, Grimshaw quickly quips, "Hey Katy Perry", when Bloom realises that the joke's on him.

We love how playing Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are with each other. See for yourself in the clip above.

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