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Lindsay Lohan London Modest Fashion Week

Lindsay Lohan Embraces Her Adopted Culture by Supporting London Modest Fashion Week

Lindsay Lohan has made no secret of her love for Dubai and the Middle East.

The actress, who relocated from New York to Dubai a few years ago, spoke recently on The Wendy Williams show about the sense of calm she feels living in Dubai.

Along with the serenity she feels living in Dubai, Lindsay has also embraced the culture and the religion of the region.

She's been spotted at Heathrow Airport donning a hijab, and now, the Mean Girls star has worn a headscarf once again-- this time at London Modest Fashion Week.

The two-day-long event, which was held for the second year in a row over the weekend, honored Lindsay as the guest of honor during opening festivities.

It wasn't just with the silky black hijab that she gave a nod to the region: while speaking with the Hawa Cosmetics team, she revealed that she was wearing all halal make-up.

With the actress set to unveil her own makeup line soon, should we be expecting halal products? Let's wait and see!

In an interview with W Magazine last month, she further explained how Dubai is the perfect place for her.

"I never considered people taking a picture 'bothering' me, but I don't want people to misinterpret who I am as a person if they see me sneezing and they say I'm crying," she said. "I do really appreciate having the life where I can just go outside and not have to worry."

She'd previously told Wendy Williams how she loved the privacy she gets in the Middle East.

"I didn't really know how to have a private life, because I was so young," she said, about living in L.A. "I really enjoy my serenity in Dubai. One, it's illegal to have paparazzi. It's banned. Also … you don't see people going to liquor stores and drinking and that kind of thing. You can go out and have fun, but it's a different kind of fun that you have," she explained.

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