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Lindsay Lohan 'Open to Exploring Islam'

Lindsay Lohan Answers Honestly to Rumors She's Converting to Islam

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You wouldn't think carrying a book around would cause such a stir but that's exactly what's happened with Lindsay Lohan.

The actress' outing with some religious literature in her hand created so much fuss last summer that the media just had to get down to it - is LiLo converting to Islam?

Well the 29-year-old has confirmed to British newspaper The Sun that she's "a very spiritual person and I'm open to learning".

While Lindsay and her sister Ali were raised Catholic, her younger sibling now follows another way of life.

"My sister is Buddhist but she is still interested in learning other things from me. It's good to be open-minded," Lindsay shared.

She's currently in student mode with the book and claimed that "America has portrayed holding a Koran in such a different way to what it actually is".

When the New York Post's Page Six got in contact with her representative they said for now she's simply remaining open-minded.

"Lindsay has always been very spiritual and is open to exploring all religions and beliefs. She is simply educating herself on other peoples beliefs."

It was only two weeks ago that she posted a picture on Instagram with a caption pointing to a passage from the book. Check it out below.

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