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Ms. Marvel, the Muslim Female Superhero

Marvel's First Muslim Female Superhero Film Is on the Way

Ms. Marvel, a.k.a. Kamala Khan, is the female fictional superhero that often appears in the Marvel Comic books and is considered the counterpart of Captain Marvel. Now, she just might just feature in her own film or TV series, President of Marvel studios, Kevin Feige reportedly said.

Ms. Marvel is a Muslim, Pakistani-descendent from New Jersey, and as a mom of two girls who believe that "only boys can be superheros" that's an absolute score!

Now I can say to them, "Have you watched Ms. Marvel? She's a girl, she's a badass. Oh, and she's Muslim like us." Feige said in an interview with BBC that a film with Ms. Marvel is "definitely sort of in the works." We're not sure what "definitely sort of" means exactly, but we're focusing on the definitive part of that statement. The Marvel boss said that once they've introduced Captain Marvel (which is currently shooting) to the world, they have "plans for that."

The only downside is that Ms. Marvel appears as a different character in every comic book of the series. She's not the same person in all of them and yet she's always got power and kicking serious butt. We're assuming that in a TV show or film, they'll choose one that represents her background accurately.

Until a movie featuring the Muslim superhero is announced, we're content with reading (and rereading) the comic books in the series where she makes an appearance.

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