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People Curtsying For Queen Elizabeth Pictures

People Curtsying For the Queen Just Look Like They All Really Have to Pee

People Curtsying For Queen Elizabeth Pictures
Image Source: Getty

People have been curtsying in the presence of royalty for centuries. The small sign of respect, which is encouraged but definitely not required by people like Queen Elizabeth II, is a graceful movement in real-time, but awkward as hell when caught in photographs. And luckily for us and our slightly immature senses of humor, there are tons of photos of people mid-curtsy on the internet for you to enjoy. While Queen Elizabeth isn't really bothered if people do it when she greets them, most people still want to be polite, and that includes members of her own family. Everyone from Kate Middleton to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall to Princess Beatrice of York have curtsied for the queen, but instead of looking proper, it just looks like they all really have to pee. Don't believe us? Keep reading for some LOL-worthy royal moments.

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