20 Awkward Interactions Between Kate Middleton and the Queen

20/05/2018 - 02:20 PM

Kate Middleton's been a member of the royal family for more than four years and has produced three heirs to the throne [1], yet we have to imagine she deals with some of the same in-law annoyances as the rest of the world. Most likely even more, since her grandmother-in-law is the actual queen of England, and with that comes royal protocol and rules way beyond traditional in-law issues. Read through to see all the comical interactions Kate and the queen have had through the years.

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The Queen: "I Know, Seriously — She Just Won't Stop Laughing!"

Kate: "It's a Little Late to Be Critiquing My Dress, No?"

Kate: "Well, Isn't This Going to Be Fun!"

Kate: "Can You Believe That Story About Prince Harry in Vegas?!"

The Queen: "Getting a Little Close There, Dear."

The Queen: "Just Squint and Point; It Makes Them Think You're Paying Attention."

Kate: "I'm Doing That Pointing Thing You Taught Me, See?"

Kate: "I'll Just Be Back Here, Behind Your Hat, Thanks."

Kate: "Exactly How Much Longer Am I Needed? I Have Pilates Later."

Kate: "Like I Said, William Is Over There."

Kate: "I've Had Quite Enough of This Curtseying Thing, Really."

The Queen: "I'm Not Actually Listening, but I'll Keep Smiling."

Kate: "Yep, Go on Ahead. I'll Stay Three Paces Behind as Usual."

The Queen: "Excuse Me, Commoner, What Was That?"

The Queen: "You Are in My Way, You Realize."

Kate: "We Are Totally Having a Moment, Aren't We?!"

The Queen: "Exactly Why Are You Here, Again?"

The Queen: "That's Right, Don't Stand Much Closer, Dear."

The Queen: "I Hope You're Holding Tightly to My Precious Great-Granddaughter."

Kate: "Yes, MY Daughter Looks Lovely Doesn't She?"

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