9 Times Meghan Markle Was Royally Adorable With Kids

09/03/2018 - 09:08 AM

Meghan Markle [1] certainly has a way with children. The 36-year-old has only made a handful of appearances [2] since getting engaged to Prince Harry [3], but she's already proved that she's a natural with kids. Seriously, who can forget when she and Harry met their mini mes [4] during their first official visit to Wales? Not only does she make sure to get on their level when interacting with young fans, but she isn't shying about breaking royal protocol [5] and offering a warm hug [6]. Further proof that Meghan and Harry are the perfect match — he's just as adorable with kids [7] as she is.

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When She Gave a Warm Hug

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When She Got in on a Big Group Hug

When She Crouched Down to a Little Boy's Level

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When She Gave This Little Girl a Sweet Embrace

When She Interacted With This Adorable Toddler

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