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Pop Culture Moments of 2008

You Won't Believe These Pop Culture Moments Happened 10 Years Ago

Pop Culture Moments of 2008
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Whether you plan to gallop forth into 2018 with a positive outlook, sparkling new fitness regime, and list of resolutions, or you're stepping in a little more cautiously, join us for a minute of nostalgia. While we anticipate the year ahead, the zeitgeist of yesteryear (in this case, 2008) was a little different. The year, now a decade ago, ignited our Sex and the City desires with a feature film, served us Britney's "Circus" comeback, and saw Christian Bale's Batman facing the late Heath Ledger's Joker. Let's not forget a certain Barack Obama, who was busy promoting a campaign of change in the USA. Come to think of it, does anyone have Dr. Emmett Brown's number and a spare DeLorean? We could do with a little time travel.

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