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Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip Anniversary Celebrations

The Surprising Places the Queen and Prince Philip Have Spent Their Wedding Anniversaries

Image Source: Getty / Tim Graham

Seventy years of marriage is no small feat, but after four children, eight grandchildren, five (soon six) great-grandchildren, and 65 years of duty, the queen and Prince Philip celebrated their platinum wedding anniversary on Nov. 20, 2017. Those 70 years of marriage mean not just a lifetime of devotion, but a whole lot of anniversaries, and looking back gives some fascinating insights into what was happening in the royal couple's lives at the time.

Some years they were required to show their faces at big public events that were beamed around the world, and other times they have been able to escape the spotlight and celebrate their romance in private. From an airport hanger in the far north of Scotland to a tiny Indian village, from a glittering ball in Ghana to shuttling through the English countryside on the royal train, there have been many different ways the pair have marked their wedding day, including formal luncheons, religious services at Westminster Abbey, and romantic getaways, while twice the queen was pregnant and once she was nursing a 6-day-old Prince Charles. Keep reading to see all the unique ways they've celebrated the big day.

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