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Ramez Galal and Shah Rukh Khan Almost Fight Over Prank

The Moment a Shah Rukh Khan and a TV Host Came to Blows Over a Prank Gone Too Far

It's that time year again. Each Ramadan Egyptian TV star, Ramez Galal likes to get on the wrong side of celebrities (last year he picked on Antonio Banderas and the year before he made Paris Hilton believe she was in a plane crash in Dubai). Recently, it was Bollywood star, Shah Rukh Khan's turn to be tricked in the worst way.

Set in the Abu Dhabi desert, MBC's Ramez Taht El Ard (Ramez Underground) show fools the actor in thinking he's doomed in the quicksand they fall into on a desert safari. Even as a human-sized lizard appears the star still isn't aware he's being pranked but once the secret's out, he's not a happy man.

In fact, he's so angry that push literally comes to shove and fists are raised. Watch the clips above and below to see what went down.

PS. Shah Rukh Khan has now forgiven Ramez.

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