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Selena Gomez Joins Puma

Selena Gomez Just Landed Another Huge Fashion Deal

It seems Selena Gomez is equally as talented when it comes to fashion as she is at performing music and acting on screen. The former Disney star has just been announced as a new ambassador for Puma, joining her boyfriend, The Weeknd, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner and Cara Delevingne.

The star – who recently underwent a kidney transplant – will help design products and work on marketing campaigns with the athleisure brand, and appears in the new shots for women's footwear drop, Phenom. She also works with the Coach fashion brand.

"Being part of the PUMA family is very exciting for me," Selena said. "Puma has changed the game when it comes to the mash-up of athletic wear and fashion. It's amazing to see this influence on style and culture and I'm excited to be a part of it. I am hoping that we can create something special together. We already have some really cool projects in the works."

While anyone would love to work with such a cool brand, it's Puma that gushing about having the star on their books.

"Selena is authentic, creative, talented, and fearlessly real. She is everything that today's female consumer is looking for in a role model," Adam Petrick, Global Director for Brand and Marketing for Puma said. "In recent days, she has demonstrated just how strong she truly is. With her honesty and openness about living with Lupus, she has provided an incredible example of confidence, poise, and determination for all of us.

"Selena is a perfect partner for PUMA because she is not afraid of the challenges our world can offer; she fights and perseveres, which is exactly what PUMA is all about. She will not only represent our brand, but she will help to define and enhance our women's business."

Well said!

Image Source: Puma
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