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Seth Meyers and Leslie Jones Game of Jones Video 2017

Leslie Jones Freaks Out When a Game of Thrones Cast Member Surprises Her

You might think you're a big Game of Thrones fan, but few people can compare to the enthusiasm displayed by Leslie Jones each Sunday. The Saturday Night Live comedian stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers on Wednesday for episode two of their "Game of Jones" segment, which proved once again that there is truly nothing more enjoyable than watching Jones lose her damn mind over the show. She and Meyers watched season seven episode "The Spoils of War" together, where she had some incredible observations about Game of Thrones characters:

  • "Bronn is the dude in the hood who knows where all the $1 cigarettes are."
  • "Man, he's high. Always out here by the tree. Spaced out. What is you smokin', Bran?"
  • "Theon is a coward. He's a coward! I don't care if you got no dick. You did wrong!"
  • "Varys is like the girlfriend who you don't really know if she's your homegirl or not. One minute she's supporting you and got your back, but the next minute you hear about some bullsh*t she said to someone else about you."

After making her comment about Varys, the late-night host gave her the mother of all surprises when he brought out real-life Varys, actor Conleth Hill, to watch the rest of the episode with them. Helpful tip while you're watching: don't drink anything, because you'll immediately spit it out from laughing so hard.

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