We Love Kate and Pippa, but It's Time to Talk About Their HOT Brother, James Middleton

01/06/2018 - 01:20 PM

Kate and Pippa Middleton may be the most recognizable names from their well-to-do family, and for good reason: Kate is, well, the Duchess of Cambridge, and her younger sister Pippa made headlines as a bridesmaid at the 2011 royal wedding [1] and again at her own ceremony in 2017 [2]. While Kate recently welcomed her third child [3] with Prince William, Pippa is reportedly expecting her first baby [4] with husband James Matthews. But there's another James in the Middleton mix that we need to talk about. Kate and Pippa have a younger brother [5] who still manages to remain a bit of a mystery [6], but there's no secret about how attractive the 31-year-old is.

We often get to see James's hot bearded face when he's watching Wimbledon games with his sisters [7] or spending time with the royal family [8]. Most recently, he attended Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding [9] with the rest of his family. Scroll through to see his most handsome snaps — so far!

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