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Will Smith Reveals Why Dubai is His Favorite City

The Reason Dubai is One of Will Smith's Favorite Cities is So On Point

He famously sang Welcome to Miami but it seems there's another big city on Will Smith's favorites list. The 47-year-old revealed that Emirate is up there with Florida's finest when it comes to letting loose in his spare time.

"I love Dubai. My two favorite cities on earth are Dubai and Miami. That's where I go when I wanna have some fun," he told Virgin Radio's The Kris Fade Show. "I just love the way that Dubai dreams, it's really similar to how I dream. The idea of how things should look and how people should live, it really fits my spirit."

The star is hosting a special screening of his new film Suicide Squad at Vox Cinemas in Deira City Center Dubai on August 7, three days after the flick opens across the Middle East. The cinema spans 408 square meters and seats 550 people in one theater, so it's no wonder the actor-and-musician is excited to be back in the UAE this month.

"I can't wait," he told the hosts on Tuesday, adding about the motion picture: "It's funny there's action a couple of spots where you might cry, tons of explosions, music and color. The trailers give you a really good sense of the feeling of the movie. That's a great thing when that happens too. They really captured the vibe and the feeling in the trailers. Even the posters capture the sense of the movie. I've had movies before where they didn't go together, but this is a perfect depiction of the movie."

We can't wait to see Will - who plays Floyd Lawton/Deadshot - and his co-stars Viola Davis, Jared Leto, Margo Robbie, Scott Eastwood, Cara Delevingne and Common light up the big screen!

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