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Songs That Turn 10 in 2019

Friends, Behold, These Are Just A Few Of The Tracks Turning 10 This Year

Time is a delicate thing. It's something that we don't notice has past, until a local radio presenter informs us that Justin Bieber's track, "One Time", is turning the big 1-0, this year. Once you hear that, you find yourself slowing down your car until you find a safe spot to park, to reflect on all the things you've accomplished in the last decade.

Before I get too deep into personal growth, I'll revert back to the topic of this feature, songs that are turning or have turned 10 this year – you know, so that you can have a good sing-song, while you reminisce on the past.

Grab those headphones ladies, or, if you're an Air pod holder, put that Bluetooth on and, let's get boogying to some classics (?)…

"Ah Min El Foraa" – Amr Diab

Release Date: May 2009
Producers: Hassan al-Shafi'I and Yahya al-Mougi
Writers: Baha' al-Din Muhammed
Since its release, Diab's upbeat tune has gone on to sound track countless birthdays, graduations, and school dances – mine included. Those looking to see Diab perform it and many more, live are in luck. The 57-year-old will be performing at the Dubai Media City Amphitheater on March 28. Ticket prices start at AED270 and can be purchased here.

"Never Knew I Needed"– Ne-Yo

Release Date: Oct. 27, 2009
Producers: Chuck Harmony
Writers: Shaffer Smith
The song may not be as popular as its predecessor, "Miss Independent" but, it's still a classic. Plus point? Ne-Yo comes to Dubai – a lot. So, you can catch him singing this and countless others, at various nightclubs in Dubai (usually WHITE, Drai's and BASE), almost every other month.

"One Time" – Justin Bieber

Release Date: May 18, 2009
Producers: The Movement, Tricky Stewart, and Kuk Harrell
Writers: Christopher Stewart, James Bunton, Corron Cole, and Thabiso Nkhereanye
I cannot believe that Bieber's debut track turns 10 in two months. Look at that hair – too cute. While he may have traded in his locks for an easier to manage buzzcut, Bieber still remains a regional favorite – his 2017 concert at Dubai's Autism Rock Arena sold out in mere minutes and, his most recent songs "I'm The One" and "2U", have all secured number one spots on local radio stations such as Virgin Radio and Dubai 92.

"Whatcha Say" – Jason Derulo

Release Date: May 5 2009
Producers: J.R. Rotem and Fuego
Writers: Jason Desrouleaux, Kisean Anderson, Achraf Baachaoui, J-Lex, Leff Row, Jonathan Rotem, and Imogen Heap
This song was my jam back in high-school. Channel 4 used to have it on repeat – it would usually play right after Rihanna's mega-hit "Disturbia". Much like Ne-Yo, Derulo is a fan of the city, which means that us lucky folk often get to see him at least twice a year. PS. He performed to a packed WHITE Dubai crowd, last weekend. Oh, he also played at Drai's Dubai that same weekend, too.

"Best I Never Had" – Drake

Release Date: Feb. 13, 2009
Producers: Boi-1da
Writers: Aubrey Graham, Danny Hamilton, Dwayne Carter, Matthew Samuels, and Nakia Coleman
Not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed when Drake didn't perform this track during his gig at the 2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix… but, he did perform a slew of other songs like "One Dance" and "Hold On, We're Going Home". Rihanna was one of the festival's performers – something that was particularly saucy at the time, given the fact that pair split just days prior to their respective F1 gigs.

"Down" – Jay Sean

Release Date: May 13, 2009
Producers: J-Remy and Bobby Bass
Writers: Kamaljit Jhooti, Dwayne Carter, Jared Cotter, J-Remy, Bobby Bass, and Jonathan Perkins
Oh the memories… This tune was everyone's ringtone when it came out in May 2009. Something that became incredibly evident when the now 37-year-old performed it to a sold-out Dubai Global Village crowd just last weekend. And, no, it wasn't just the ladies singing along.

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