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Twitter's Reaction to HQTrivia Calling Abu Dhabi a Country

An American Game Show Called Abu Dhabi a Country and People Want Their Money Back

Forget Pokemon Go and Candy Crush, 2018 is all about a new game on your phone that allows you to earn money in real time. But a recent blunder from the American company has players up in arms about the app which asks you, "Are you, like, really smart? Join tonight's game at 9p EST to prove it" on their Twitter page, because it turns out the players are better than the game.

Last night, the Twittersphere went berserk over a question which suggested Abu Dhabi was a country. Needless to say, people want their money back, or the money they could've potentially earned from getting the question right.

It's not the first time they've messed up. Social media users pointed out that they previously caused people to get the question wrong over confusion about the plural of the word "octopus."

See some of the comments, ranging from hilarious to super angry, below:

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