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Why Wasn't Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards?

Taylor Swift Missed the VMAs Because of — Wait For It — Jury Duty

Taylor Swift was noticeably absent from the MTV Video Music Awards in New York City on Sunday night, and now the world knows why. The "Wildest Dreams" singer was a few states away in Tennessee, serving jury duty in Nashville. But despite her being, you know, a massive superstar, she proved once again that she can be as normal as they come when she spent the morning talking to the group of other potential jurors. A few people who were "lucky" enough to be summoned at the same time as Taylor took to social media to share their thoughts about their time spent with her. In addition to being more than happy to take selfies with everyone, she also listened intently when anyone had stories about how they or their children are big fans. While she was probably sad she didn't get to at least make an appearance at the VMAs, she must be relieved to have missed that dig from Kanye West during his speech.

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