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Zayn Malik Disney Aladdin Song

Zayn Malik's Next Project? To Take Us On "A Whole New World" With His Latest Cover Track

In anticipation for the release of the much awaited Aladdin live action movie, which is set to release on May 24, the folks at Disney released the music video for "A Whole New World", and we have to say former One Direction member Zayn Malik and The Four finalist Zhavia treated us to just that - a whole new take a Disney classic.

If you haven't heard it yet, do so now.

Right, now that you've heard it, let's go over the just over and really appreciate this four minute piece of musical genius...

First off, how good do they both sound? Zayn's velvety sultry tone combined with Zhavia's soft but raspy voice makes for a magical duo (see what we did there?).

Secondly, they both look great. We love Zayn. Be it in a suit, Hawaiian T-shirt, or even as an action hero, the 26-year-old never fails to impress us with his get-up. Zhavia, on the other hand, showed us a softer side, as the 18-year-old is known for sporting the latest street trends and kicks. Her hair and make up looks, as always, stunning.

Finally, we can't wait to sing our heart out when this song plays during the film - we have waited years for this...

What are your thoughts on the tune? Do you love it or do you LOVE IT? Tweet us at @PopSugarME letting us know.

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