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Zayn Malik Thanks Egypt For "Let Me" iTunes No.1

Zayn Fans Demanded a Gig in Egypt and His Response Was Unexpected

Zayn Malik recently gave a shout out to his Egyptian fans on Facebook and but perhaps the reaction was he didn't see coming.

The singer's show of love for the country stems from stats that show a huge percentage of downloads for his latest song "Let Me" were from Egypt, but his loyal followers responded with too much enthusiasm it seems.

In the post, Zayn is seen sitting on a couch, wearing that beloved tropical red shirt he's worn many times, with 'EGYPT' in capital letters imposed on the background. His caption reads: "Thank you Egypt, we got #LetMe to number 1 iTunes."

Egypt's popular English radio station, 104.2 Nile FM (@NileFM) responded with a simple, "Always a pleasure." While many others asked for a better thank you from the former One Direction star.

Marian (@5zirectioner), clearly a hardcore fan as her Twitter handle name suggests, put it bluntly: "Doesn't Egypt deserve a concert after you being NO.1 in their iTunes Charts @zaynmalik? Come on, we have been waiting to see you from 8 years."

Another put a funny gif depicting Zayn coming to Egypt.

While the post has been removed from Zayn's official Facebook page (we're thinking he got tired of Egyptians jokingly taking credit for the popularity of the song and demanding payback in the form of a tour stop in Egypt), it has been immortalized by Egyptian fans on Twitter.

Zayn was supposed to perform in Dubai in 2016 but canceled the gig due to anxiety.

We take it he won't be coming to Egypt any time soon but we still have our fingers crossed he'll be heading this way eventually.

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