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Here's What Jonah From The Last Song Looks Like Now

Guys, I Recently Rediscovered Jonah From The Last Song, and He Looks Gooood

Here's What Jonah From The Last Song Looks Like Now

A lot has changed since Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth brought The Last Song to the big screen almost a decade ago. Aside from the couple's real-life romance (and split), their Nicholas Sparks movie introduced fans to a group of new talent, including Bobby Coleman, who played Jonah Miller. Recently, I was prompted to see what Bobby was up to after watching a related viral video. I'd like to thank TikTok, group texts, and my teenage sister for supporting me on this journey.

Back in 2010, Bobby stole hearts as the younger brother of Miley's character, Ronnie. While Ronnie was busy laying the groundwork for VSCO girls everywhere, Bobby played the ever-eager Jonah, who just wanted to spend time with his dad. The now-22-year-old actor has since appeared in a few other TV guest spots and movies, though he took a break from acting in 2013. However, he recently jumped on my radar again after I saw a TikTok user claiming to be Bobby. Don't worry, the real Bobby took it all in good humor, and now I'm happily reveling in his selfies. Please join me and scroll through the photos ahead, including a few with his girlfriend, dancer Ciara Riley Wilson.

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