Lady Gaga's New Album Will Be a Blast For Little Monsters: "We Are Definitely Dancing"

01/03/2020 - 03:02 PM

Put your paws up, Little Monsters, because Lady Gaga [1] is dropping a new album! Back in March 2019, Gaga confirmed her sixth studio LP [2] was on the way, tweeting, "Rumors I'm pregnant? Yeah, I'm pregnant with #LG6." Now, she's delivering new music in anticipation of LG6, starting with her single "Stupid Love [3]," which dropped on Feb. 28.

Speaking with Zane Lowe on Apple's New Music Daily podcast, Gaga opened up about the track [4] and shared how her music has evolved since her last album, 2016's Joanne. "On Joanne, I was more in a space artistically of crafting something that, you know, conceptually all kind of went together, an album for my father, an album about the trauma of my family, an album about how we pass things on generationally to each other . . . it was very specific," she said. "This was much more like . . . I just sobbed for three minutes and this is what came out, and this is what should be there. And it was so real . . . all my gears, all my musical bells, all my artistic thoughts, the way that I see music and experience music like a wall of sound, everything was just firing on all cylinders and it made me feel so happy because I thought to myself, wow, even when you feel six feet under, you can still fire on all cylinders."

Y'all hear that? "Firing on all cylinders." All cylinders will be fired on, none will remain unscathed, and we are ready. Although particulars about LG6 are scarce, we have some key details (like the fact that we're going to get a few party anthems). Keep reading to find out everything we know about Gaga's forthcoming album.

What Is the Name of Lady Gaga's Sixth Album?

OK, so we've been calling the album LG6 since that's what Gaga tweeted in 2019, but it's likely just a filler title. Gaga hasn't officially announced the name, but some fans believe it might be called GAGA since the singer got a musical tattoo [5] that spells out her stage name. It might be a stretch — a perfect illusion [6] if you will — or people might actually be onto something.

What Kind of Album is LG6 Going to Be?

Here's where things get especially exciting. As much as we've enjoyed "Shallow"-era Gaga [7], we're fully prepared for Mother Monster's campy, eccentric footprints to stomp all over our playlists. According to Gaga, LG6 is going to sound like a big party.

"We are definitely dancing," she said on New Music Daily. "I put all my heart, all my pain, all my messages . . . into music that I believe to be so fun and energetically really pure, and I want people to dance and feel happy. You know, someone asked me the other day what my goal was with this album, and it actually sounds ridiculous when I say it out loud. But I said, 'I would like to put out music that a big chunk of the world will hear, and it will become a part of their daily lives and make them happy every single day.'"

When Will Lady Gaga's Sixth Album Drop?

Gaga hasn't announced the release date yet. In September, rumors swirled that Oliver Nusse, the CEO of Universal Music France, said the album would drop in "early 2020." [8] (*Checks calendar.*) We're not sure if that's still true since we're in March now, but "early" is a subjective descriptor. We'll just have to anxiously await official confirmation.

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