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100 Years of Hijab Fashion

This Video Beautifully Captures 100 Years of Hijab Fashion

With a number of new Islamic fashion websites popping up, as well as a recent abaya show in Qatar, Muslim Fashion is rapidly becoming a multi-billion dollar industry.

A new video by Muslim Girl looks back to the beginnings of Muslim fashion, and it beautifully captures 100 years of the hijab.

The aim of the video is to show that despite the growing popularity of Muslim fashion, the hijab is more than just a fad.

"The headscarf is a religious garment just as much as a political one," they write on their website. "For generations, it has been a powerful symbol of Muslim women's defiance against the male gaze, colonialism, and Islamophobia as we know it today. It's also become a politicized garment that represents Muslim women's control and autonomy, and has been at the center of a tug-of-war between governments and the people for its reclamation."

"We made a video focusing on the hijab in the most controversial region in the world to reinsert the nuance of the hijab's history, strength, and tension into today's fad headlines."

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