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'90s Trends That Are Coming Back

23 Fashion Trends From the '90s We're More Into Than Boy Bands

'90s Trends That Are Coming Back
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The resurgence of '90s trends has made us so thrilled, it seems, that we're not interested in letting the decade go when it comes to getting dressed. While recent seasons have given rise to '80s influence, too (hello, neon shades and kitschy heart earrings!), these days, we seem to be combining some of our favorite old-school styles for a look that's vintage, plain and simple. But if you want to know which silhouettes, denim washes, accessories, and iconic moments actually date back to the '90s, we gathered the most prominent answers ahead. You'll find a mix of original examples and modern-day twists, so buckle up in your time machine and let the inspiration take hold. Everything you see here is still to-tal-ly cool.

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