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Beyonce's Met Gala Dresses

Beyoncé Always Made 1 Hell of an Entrance at the Met Gala

Beyonce's Met Gala Dresses

How does one woman manage to get it so right every time we see her? That's the question we've been asking about Beyoncé, especially as this year's Met Gala swiftly approaches (and while that Lemonade video's still fresh in our minds). Every year at the fashion event, Bey steps out in a gown more glamorous than her last, making an entrance and ensuring all eyes are on her as she walks up those famous red stairs.

The secret, it seems, is all in the train. With material trailing behind her, the star continues to captures our attention even after she leaves, proving Queen B is truly worthy of the title. Check out the Met Gala dresses Beyoncé's worn in the past, then sit back and wait for what she shows up in this time around. No doubt it'll be sweeter than ever.

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