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Celine Dion at Couture Fashion Week 2019

Celine Dion Emerges as the Style Icon of Couture Fashion Week, and My Personal Hero

Celine Dion at Couture Fashion Week 2019
Image Source: Getty / Jacopo Raule

There is a kind of street style at Haute Couture Fashion Week that is wonderfully wearable and relatable. There are things I see on fellow editors, and even influencers, and think: I could wear that. That's not even remotely what popped into my head when I saw the photos of Celine Dion living her most fashion-forward life attending the shows, parties, and photoshoots in Paris. In fact, I thought the exact opposite: I don't know if I could ever wear that. Where would one have the occasion to go pantless in a coordinating printed leotard and blazer? You might ask. Not in my life have I ever encountered such an opportunity or a dress code — or even dared to dream of one . . . until Celine blessed us with these looks.

She's the Carrie Bradshaw of Couture Week, with a bigger budget (yes, bigger than even Hollywood, Vogue cover shoot, movie-version Carrie), procuring only couture for her couture show appearances and adding to her growing outfit tally every time she steps out in something new and more drama-inducing than her last. With each fantasy-filled outfit change, she's very quickly solidified herself as the style icon of Haute Couture Week, leaning into the Fashion, with a capital "F" and giving us the whole runway right here on the street.

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