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Combat Boots at Fashion Week Fall 2018

These Magical, Comfortable Shoes Made Us Feel Like Supermodels at Fashion Week

Combat Boots at Fashion Week Fall 2018

As busy editors running around from show to show during Fashion Week, we've been quick to nix heels for sneakers. "Wouldn't my day be easier if I dressed comfortably, instead of over-the-top?" we've all wondered to ourselves. This season, we spun these thoughts into serious action as one of us ditched flashy outfits altogether, and we all took a tip from the supermodels when we opted for combat boots over glitzy pumps or thigh-highs with pin-thin heels.

We kept it casual for a day, inviting a touch of '90s grunge into our looks in four very different ways. While our signature uniforms are certainly different, it was easy to incorporate combat boots into our wardrobes and girl, let me tell you, we felt damn cozy doing it. (Do you know how many pairs of socks I can layer under my Dr. Martens?) Ahead, read up on our footwear picks, shop them for yourself, and allow us to inspire your next "moto business" outfit.

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