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Couture Fashion Week Street Style Fall 2019

Couture Fashion Week Street Style Is Surprisingly Relatable and These Are Some of Our Favorite Looks

Couture Fashion Week Street Style Fall 2019

If you've spent the better part of the high Summer actively avoiding getting dressed (read: wearing robes, swimsuits, and cover-ups), you're not alone; but the thrill of the street style from Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris may just be the proverbial match you need to ignite your love of outfit planning yet again. The dispatch from the Couture runways is good. Fantastically good. So while there's inspiration to be culled from the runways, my eyes are glued to the streets and the showgoers, a parade of looks I'd like to take right to my living room.

To compliment the suiting and statement gowns, the style set relied again on sneakers, but also flip-flops and fancy flats. When Dior showed, the attendees repped the brand with a lineup of full skirts and the label's iconic handbags. For Chanel, it was crisp blazers, tops, pants, and the requisite logo.

In between the big names, everything goes. You'll catch Hawaiian shirts styled with sleek trousers, tie-dye t-shirts, and pretty day dresses paired with lace-up sandals. Each look seems to beckon, "try me, won't you?" I size them up, make a mental note, and think, absolutely. Because you don't have to be going to Paris Fashion Week or own any of these designer labels to put together an outfit this good. Just read on to soak up the inspiration.

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